Prevent Future Attic Mold

Attic Mold remediation only removes the mold, it does not guarantee that it will not come back. If the underlying issue that caused the attic mold growth is not addressed, then the possibility for mold return is much higher. will identify and fix the issue, and with this comes our guarantee that the attic mold will not return!

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Confirm Attic Mold Presence will first confirm that the discoloration is actually mold and not just “lumber tint” false alarm.

Identify Attic Mold Causes

Prevent Future Attic Mold

Once the right solution is identified, will present you with a quote to fix the issues and prevent any future attic mold growth, guaranteed!

Additionally, can help you to improve the energy efficiency of your home while remediating mold and fixing the underlying issues, including:

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As part of the future attic mold prevention process, typically recommends new attic insulation to replace old fiberglass insulation. uses NuWool cellulose insulation because it is much more efficient and highly mold resistant.

Attic Mold
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