Energy Rebates & Attic Mold Remediation

By completing steps one (attic mold remediation) and two (attic mold prevention), you are typically already at two out of three energy efficiency improvement measures required to qualify for an energy rebate! The energy rebate experts at highly recommend that you complete an additional measure. We will help you identify the best measure to complete, and also help you get your energy rebates! can do it all in house, from remediating the attic mold, to helping you determine which energy rebates you might qualify for! Attic mold remediation is the perfect time to install new attic insulation as well! Prevent future mold growth with mold resistant insulation and improve on home efficiency!

Possible Energy Rebates

Consumers Energy offers a comprehensive home assessment that consists of performing 3 separate energy improvement measures. All of these measures may be completed Part of Mold remediation & prevention process in an effort to keep moisture out of the attic, and therefore prevent attic mold. Measures include:

An additional measure could also include any of the following, all of which will help with your utility bills:

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Energy Audit & Analysis

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