DIY Check for Attic Mold

The important thing to remember with attic mold is that if it’s visible, it needs to be remediated. A simple look up into the attic with a flashlight can often be all you need to discover attic mold. Dark stains on the lumber or insulation, fuzzy looking white spots, or blueish spots on attic surfaces can all be signs of attic mold growth. If you see any of these signs, it’s important to call a mold remediation expert such as right away so they can verify that it is attic mold and remediate it.

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Do you have a leaky roof, an older home, or visible water damage on your ceiling? All of these could be signs that there is unwanted moisture in the attic, which is prime conditions for attic mold growth. If there’s even the slightest possibility of excess moisture or humidity in your attic, call right away for an inspection to determine if attic mold is present and needs remediation.

Attic Mold Checklist

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Save the headaches and check for attic mold up front. It can be easily remediated and will make your home selling process run smoothly. It’s better to identify and fix the attic mold up front than to have it come up during a home inspection and scare away potential buyers.

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Attic mold discovered? Don’t panic! Attic mold is common and easily remediated. It’s important that you not only remediate the attic mold, but fix the underlying issue to prevent future attic mold growth.

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