Home Inspectors & Attic Mold

Are you a home inspector? Did you just find mold in the attic? This can be scary news to real estate agents, home sellers, and buyers, but you can easily quell those fears by reminding them that it’s not as big a deal as everyone thinks. Your job as the home inspector is to find the attic mold, but you can also give some good news with the bad. Attic mold discovery doesn’t have to ruin the deal for the real estate agent, reduce the value for the home seller, or scare the home buyer away. Delivery of attic mold news should also come with the recommendation that FixAtticMold.com be the professionals to remediate the mold.

Attic Mold Prevention

As the home inspector, you can easily help to relieve the fears of home owners, sellers, and buyers, as well as Real Estate Agents afraid of losing the deal. It’s important that you remind all the parties involved that it’s crucial that the mold not only be remediated, but the underlying issue be fixed too. Attic mold is caused by abnormal moisture, and addressing the source of that moisture will prevent future attic mold. If the mold is remediated and the issue is fixed up front, then the home is more attractive to buyers, and sellers will have an easier time selling the home.

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