Do you have mold in the attic? We can help!

The attic mold specialists at are the leading attic mold remediation professionals in West Michigan. We can identify, remediate, and fix the root causes of attic mold. can utilize multiple solutions to attic mold and we will work with you to employ the most efficient service that works with your needs and budget.

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Attic Mold: Remediate & Prevent

We don’t just mask or cover up the mold, we kill it and take the necessary steps to prevent it from ever coming back. We have all capabilities for attic mold remediation in house, from simply killing the mold, to fixing the moisture issues that caused it, and installing new insulation if necessary. If we remediate and fix the underlying issues, we provide a guarantee that attic mold will never return.

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We are Energy Experts!

We will help you identify if you qualify for energy rebates as a result of the home improvements we can perform with attic mold remediation. Often, attic mold remediation and prevention gets you 2/3rd of the way to an energy rebate!

We offer mold testing services, including:

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